Information Security


University Information Security Policy and Implementation Guidance

If you are a Head of Division, Head of Department or Faculty Board Chair, you are responsible for ensuring that your division, department or faculty adheres to the key areas of University information security policy presented below. To help you understand what is required of you in each area, we have broken the information down as follows:

  • What you are responsible for under University policy
  • What needs to happen for you to meet those responsibilities
  • Practical guidance for IT and other staff on how to implement the policy

Remember, information security is not just an IT issue and your senior management group should be aware of incidents, risks and other issues relating to information security within your division, department or faculty,

Quick Reference Guides

If you want to do a quick check-list of your responsibilities, use our handy quick reference guide.

You can also download a copy of the University Information Security Policy.

Current Alerts

27 Feb 2017 SHA1 proven to be insecure It has been believed for several years now that SHA1 is not secure. It has now been proven that collisions can be generated and the method will be made publicly available. OxCERT recommend... Continue reading
23 Feb 2017 Warning: Pay Rise Scam Emails Targeting Universities The information security team have been notified by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau about a phishing email campaign targeting universities. The phishing emails pretend to be from university HR... Continue reading

Security Fixes

21 February OSB2017-004: Microsoft Windows SMB DOS vulnerability
17 February OSB2017-003: OpenSSL Releases Security Update
10 February OSB2017-002: ISC Releases Security Updates for BIND